The core collector that eliminates shoveling & reduces crew head count

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Picture of the CoreMax48.

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The Coremax48

Eliminates back-breaking work all while rebuilding your greens through aeration.

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Eliminate Weather Dynamics

CoreMax48 was created to overcome weather dynamics that can prevent superintendents from accomplishing their scheduled aerification tasks. Unlike other core collection boxes that can leave smearing and bridged holes due to saturation, the cores from the CoreMax48 never hit the turf.

Shovel Free & Reduced Labor

CoreMax48 saves your crew the back-breaking work of constant shoveling. With only a minimum of three crew members per machine, the CoreMax48 allows you to complete other maintenance projects during aerification.

Rebuild Greens Through Aerification

With versatility in mind, the CoreMax48 has been designed to meet any agronomic impact and productivity curve desired by turf professionals.

Our 18-, 24-, 30-, and 36-tine HDPE Turf Guard Mats allow for aggressive removal and capture of physical and vegetative material from the root zone. Its core collection box provides a full selection of physical tines to prevent contamination.

Image of an aeration hole in the ground

Increase Sand Uptake by 30%

CoreMax48 provides additional stabilization to your ProCore648, eliminating bridging and creating the highest aerification hole that provides a full channel to fill with quality new sand.

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Take the Negativity Out of Aerification

Pulling cores is an important agronomic practice, but the process is inconvenient to club members and the golfing public. CoreMax48 reduces the negative connotation and angst by accelerating the turf’s recuperative capacity—putting your course back into play faster.

Image of a man using a CoreMax48

Navigates Most Terrain

Unlike any other core collection unit, the CoreMax48 can back up on greens and navigate most architectural undulations—all while using consistent forward spacing settings.

Image of a man using a CoreMax48

Versatility of Use

The CoreMax48 is not just beneficial during shoulder aerification. Due to root shear reduction from the HDPE turf guard mats, it can also be used during solid tine venting maintenance procedures. The stabilization that the mat provides allows for the vent hole to remain open—minimizing the need for additional rolling to provide for playing conditions.

Discover the CoreMax48 at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park